Awakening Divine Union

Honoring Divine Alchemy Within & Without


Awakening Divine UnionTM is the evolution of our consciousness into Unity consciousness.

As we have awakened to the remembering of the sacred feminine principle on earth it is now time to unite that energy with the sacred masculine principle. This transition into wholeness within ourselves will bring about the transformation upon the planet. It is now time to leave the duality behind. With the intuitive and nurturing energy of the Sacred Feminine principle merged with the active and intellectual Masculine Principle, all truth is revealed. We, as humans, carry both of these principles within us, as a mirror of the Divine. But many people live their life with these principles out of balance. Your physical gender has no barring on these. But societal, cultural, media and familial expectations create a belief that 'boys' and 'girls' should exhibit these in a certain way. It is now time for us on the planet to remember our lineage and our power. We can leave these illusions of prescribed behavior and mental & emotional lies and start to live in the full unlimited truth of the Divine Beings that we are.

Awakening Divine UnionTM offers you Sacred Pilgrimages for the Soul, Classes & Training's, Healing Sessions and even Healing Tools to assist you on this journey of Awakening.

AWAKEN to who you truly are...

discover the ways in which you can awaken to your Inner Divine Alchemy! 

Sacred Pilgrimage's to England ~ Avalon 

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